Lifting barriers to services trade of great importance, said Mari Kiviniemi

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Lifting barriers to services trade strengthens domestic productivity and economic performance, bringing sizeable benefits for businesses and households alike, said Mari Kiviniemi during the 2017 Beijing International Fair for Trade in Services, reported.

As the Deputy Secretary-General of the OECD, Mari Kiviniemi said the co-operation between China and the OECD builds on a partnership that started over two decades ago. The long standing co-operation has strengthened and deepened trust and mutual understanding.

In her opinion, China, as president of the G20 last year, demonstrated leadership by promoting an innovative and inclusive global economy. Boosting trade in services is a key element of the G20 Strategy for Global Trade Growth, as agreed during China’s G20 Presidency.

Providing an impetus to trade in services is more relevant today than ever before. Efficient services sectors are important not just for the services component of economies, but also essential for the competitiveness of manufacturing. This highlights the need for a constructive and collaborative discussion on trade and investment, and looking for new ways to ensure that all parts of society can benefit more equitably from trade.

As for her, the Beijing International Fair for Trade in Services is the right forum for this, and she encouraged people to take this opportunity to promote the facilitation of services trade and the creation of an environment where the expected benefits of trade can materialize for all.