The Media Interview for 2019 CIFTIS-International Symposium on Intellectual Property was Successfully Held in Peking University

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OnMay 8, the media interview for an international seminar will be presentedduring 2019 CIFTIS led by ECIPU, "Intellectual Property Rights: China-EUIntegrated Innovation and Development Driving Force", was successfullyheld in Kaiyuan Building-School of Law at Peking University. As the responsibleinstitution of intellectual property and scientific and technologicalinnovation special events of the 2019 CIFTIS, ECIPU will organize jointparticipation of European multinational enterprises and various special eventsin IP topic. This international symposium on "Intellectual Property Rights:China-EU Integrated Innovation and Development Driving Force” will be held at13:30-16:00 at Meeting Room 306AB, National Convention Center, Beijing on May31st. This international activity is co-organized by ECIPU jointlywith China-Britain Business Coucil (CBBC) , China Intellectual Property Society(CIPS), School of Intellectual Property, Peking University and HuazhongUniversity of Science and Technology (HUST) Sino-European Institute forIntellectual Property; co-organized by the Danish Chamber of Commerce in China (DCCC), CCI Paris Ile-de-France, China-EU Institute for Clean and RenewableEnergy (ICARE), Guan Tao Law Firm; and co-hosted by Beijing Guowei IntellectualProperty Judicial Appraisal Center, Beijing Shoukechuangrong TechnologyIncubator Co. LTD and Longdo International Consulting (Beijing) co. Ltd.

Atthe press conference, Mr. Günther Marten (Minister Counsellor of the EU Delegation to China) andMr. ZHANG Kun (Executive Director of ECIPU and President of TUNGTAI InternationalHolding Group) introduced the preparations for this event. Minister CounsellorGünther Martenand YU Xiang (Director of School of Intellectual Property, HUST) will give theKeynote Speech on “International trade and intellectual property are thedrivers of the economy” and “Intellectual property strategy leads and protectsinvention and innovation and promotes One Belt And One Road cooperation”. Atthe same time, the co-sponsors will also invite representatives from British,French, Belgian, Danish, Swedish, Italian and Hungarian embassies andconsulates in China, international chambers of commerce, investment promotionagencies and guest speekers form China Intellectual Property Society (CIPS),World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), CBBC, HUST Sino-EuropeanInstitute for Intellectual Property, School of Intellectual Property of PekingUniversity, Guan Tao Law Firm, Beijing Shoukechuangrong Technology Incubator,Shanghai Hongbang Intellectual Property Agency and other realtive organizaitonspresent  in-depth discussions on topicsas “geographical indications and IPR” and “scientific and technologicalinnovation and investment cooperation”. Meanwhile, the China-EU IPR ServicePlatform Alliance will be launched, which will help China-EU trade in services,trade and investment, science and education cooperation and other fields.

Basedon the prospect of the cooperation between China and Europe in the innovationand development of science and technology education, Ms. ZHANG Ping (Professor& Doctoral Supervisor of Peking University Law school; Executive VicePresident, School of Intellectual Property, Peking University) provided aprofessional advice for the launch of "China-EU IPR Service PlatformAlliance" from the perspective of how colleges and universities shouldcultivate inter-disciplinary intellectual property talents with aninternational perspective and who can meet the actual needs of the enterprisemarket. As the co-initiator of "China-EU IPR Service PlatformAlliance", Mr. LI Hongjiang (China Top 10 IP Litigators and the partner ofGuantao Law Firm) shared the IP training cases he has carried out forscientific research institutes for several years and many intellectual propertycases with international influence, and proposed that in the era ofglobalization and cross-border cooperation, enterprises must learn to constructthe international strategic layout of intellectual property investment andoperation.

Inthe media interview, EUIPO Minister Gunther Marten introduced the importantrole of IPR in China-EU innovation project investment cooperation, and highlyaffirmed the significance of IPR international seminar during the CIFTIS inpromoting EU-China economic, trade and scientific and technologicalcooperation. He believed that international trade and intellectual propertyrights are the driving forces of current global economic development. Theexchanges and dialogues between Chinese and EU governments, universities,business associations and enterprises will deepen the cooperation between thetwo sides in many fields such as service trade, cross-border e-commerce,science and innovation investment, culture and education, and stimulate morevitality for the collaborative innovation and development of Chinese and EUsociety and enterprises.

Itis reported that besides the international symposium, ECIPU will also exhibitthe EU-China International Innovation and Enterprenuership Competition (ECIEC),International Forum of EU-China Urbanization of Sustainalble Development andother brand activities in 2019 CIFTIS, to share the exchange and cooperationcases with more than 16 foriegn partners from Germany, France, Hungary,Austria, Italy, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic,Poland, Netherlands, Belgium, Israel and other countries. It also organizesmultiple docking and cooperation meetings on British Clean Technology, Russian EcologicalAgriculture, and China-Europe Scientific and Technological Innovation.

Sincerely invite the public to attend 2019CIFTIS and the international symposiumwith theme of "Intellectual PropertyRights: China-EU Integrated Innovation and Development Driving Force", aswell as various thematic activities and exhibitions.