The Official Supporting Activity of CIFTIS 2019 --“Belt and Road” Countries Trade and Investment Fair Was Successfully Held

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The official supportingactivity of CIFTIS 2019 --“Belt and Road” Countries Tradeand Investment Fair kicked off at the China National Convention Center on theafternoon of May 28, 2019.Leaders from Beijing, Xinjiang Uygur AutonomousRegion, Jilin Province and other provinces and cities, China ServiceOutsourcing Center, South-South Cooperation Promotion Association and other relevantagencies and foreign diplomatic envoys were invited to attend the fair.

The fair invited keyguests and business representatives from domestic governments and envoys fromnearly 20 countries in Central Asia, West Asia, Southeast Asia, Central and EasternEurope and Africa.We carry out extensive and in-depth exchanges and dockingaround the new opportunities, new models and new formats of the “Belt and Road”service trade investment, jointly promote the practical cooperation in the“Belt and Road” service trade and investment. Setted up the "TradeHouse" product tasting activities on-site, it not only enabled the Chineseand foreign parties to have a deeper understanding of economic and tradepolicies and investment environment, but also made them feel the exoticatmosphere at zero distance.On the meeting, in addition to the introduction anddocking of key projects, some enterprises signed cooperation agreements onstrengthening pragmatic cooperation in service trade in various fields.

The promotion conference wasjointly sponsored by the Investment Promotion and Protection Agency of theKyrgyz Republic, Kazakhstan Foreign Trade Chamber of Commerce, UzbekistanRepublic Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Azerbaijan Republic Chamber ofCommerce and Industry,the Silk Road Economic Union. Cooperative supported by ChinaService Outsourcing Research Center, Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce, XinjiangUygur Autonomous Region Business Department, Jilin Provincial Department ofCommerce, Council for Promoting South-South Cooperation and relevant embassiesin China. cooperate and support, and was organized by Huahe InternationalBusiness Consultancy, Xinjiang Business Talent Training Service Center, andBeijing Center of World Trade Network Alliance.