2019 The International Symposium on Geographical Indications (Country of Origin) – Product Brand Distribution Service was held in Beijing

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May 30th afternoon, 2019, the “2019 The International Symposium on Geographical Indications (Country of Origin) – Product Brand Distribution Service” was held in Beijing China National Convention Center,hosted by World Trade Point Federation and Beijing Municipal Commerce Bureau, with the participation of UNCTAD and the World Intellectual Property Organization (China office),organized by World Trade Point Beijing, Beijing International Economic and Trade Development Association and Word Trade Point Shanghai,co-organized by Beijing Chain Store and Franchise Association, Beijing Brand Association and Beijing International Economical and Technical Cooperation Association, specially supported by Li Shizhen Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd.

The theme of this conference is " Utilizing the geographical indications products to eliminate poverty and contribute to the realization of the UN sustainable development goals ",conducted in-depth discussions on the protection of geographical indication products in various countries, industrial development in production areas, distribution model, poverty alleviation project of geographical indication products and other aspects, further promote the international communication between the geographical indication product companies in the world, it is of great significance to promote SMEs to drive poverty-stricken areas to achieve sustainable development through geographical indication products.

At the meeting, Mr. Bruno, the president of World Trade Point Federation, and Wang Hongcun from Beijing Municipal Commerce Bureau attended and delivered a speech. Wang Hongcun, the Associate Counsel of Beijing Municipal Commerce Bureau introduced the promotion and protection of geographical indication (Country of Origin) products in Beijing and the related work of participating in the UNCTAD geographical indication promotion project. Mr. Wang Hongcun expressed his welcome to the geographical indication products from various countries to enter China and Beijing. Beijing will provide convenient conditions and preferential policies for enterprises, jointly promote the development of the world geographical indication industry, and make unremitting efforts to promote the prosperity and development of the global economy.

At the meeting, Mr. Stefano Inama, the Chief of Technical Assistance & Trade and Customs Business in the Division on African and Least Developed Countries of UNCTAD, focused on the vision, actions and strategies of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) to introduce in detail how to make use of geographical indications to promote the rural community traditional products for driving local development. Carolina Quintana, Networking and Partnerships Creative Economy Programme, UNCTAD, and Lv Guoliang, the representative of the World Intellectual Property Organization (China office) delivered speeches respectively on the current development situation and trend of global geographical indication products, the protection of intellectual property rights and geographical indication products and the revision of relevant laws.

At the meeting, the Representative of the Euro-Sino Enterprises Association and Representative of the Economic Development Agency of Murcia, Spain, respectively introduced the registration, protection, distribution, outstanding features and advantages of geographical indication products in Switzerland and Spain.  The Representative of Swiss Federation Small and Medium Enterprises Association introduced the importance of negotiation and signing agreements with the European Union on the protection of agricultural and food geographical indication products. The person in charge of Beijing Chain Store and Franchise Association exchanged on introducing geographical indication products for enriching the Beijing consumption market.

At the meeting, the relevant persons in charge of Li Shizhen Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd, Beijing global expo technology co., Ltd. and Beijing Huaxianzi Agricultural Co., Ltd. shared and exchanged experiences on poverty alleviation through TCM, poverty alleviation through distribution network and poverty alleviation through tree planting and greening.

At the meeting, the exhibition of geographical indication products was organized,more than 10 kinds of products from six enterprises displayed on site. The embassies in China from various countries, the trade points of World Trade Points Federation from countries concerned, the representatives of Chamber and Associations from the countries concerned and the representatives of enterprises of geographical indications (Country of Origin) communicated with Chinese enterprises. More than 100 representatives from relevant government departments, industrial Associations and representatives of enterprises at both home and abroad attended the conference.