Huaying—Birthplace of the Hongyan Spirit, Land of Scenic Beauty

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Huaying, which derived its name from the Huaying Mountain, is located at the western foot of the middle section of the Huaying Mountain in eastern Sichuan.It stands opposite to the Qujiang River in Guang'an, serving as eastern Sichuan's gateway to Chongqing. Huaying was formerly Huayun Industrial and Agricultural Demonstration Zone established in 1978. In 1985, the zone was abolished and designated as a city—the earliest county-level city established in Sichuan. Huaying has an area of 470 square kilometers, jurisdiction over 12 rural towns and sub-district offices, and a registered population of 350,000.Herewe would like to briefly introduce Huaying with the four figures "1,2,3 and 4".


By "1" we mean Huaying is within the Chongqing 1-Hour Economic Circle. Huaying is bordered by Yubei District and Hechuan District of Chongqing, at a distance of just 70 kilometers from the metropolitan area. When Huaying Station on the Xi'an-Chongqing High-speed Railway is completed, the ride from Huaying to Chongqing will take only 22 minutes.


By "2" we mean Huaying is well known for two brands—Birthplace of the Hongyan Spirit, and Land of Scenic Beauty. Huaying was one of the main birthplaces of the "Hongyan Spirit". It was the base of the Huaying Mountain guerrillas who staged six armed uprisings. The legendary "Old Woman with Two Guns" in the famous novelHongyan is a miniature of the women soldiers who joined the uprisings. Huaying boasts the Huaying Mountain, the highest at the bottom of the Sichuan Basin and one of the four famous mountains in the Sichuan-Chongqing region. Guo Moruo hailed it as "the most magnificent mountain under the sky". The Qujiang River originated in Huaying, and the section which passes through Huaying stands out as the most scenic. The Tianchi Lake in Huaying, one of the three major mountain-top lakes in China, is the largest karst lake in northeastern Sichuan.


By "3" we mean Huaying has three national "gilded titles": China Top Tourist Cities, China Pilot Cities of Development and Reform, and China Demonstration Zones of Ecological Protection and Improvement.


By "4" we mean Huaying develops the basalt fiber industry, the electronic information industry, the honey pear industry in Guang'an, and the tourism industry. Huaying's basalt fiber industry is included in Sichuan Province's "One Body, Three Wings" strategic plan. The world's first 2,400-hole bushing drawbench intelligent tank furnace production line and a homogenized production line with a capacity of 60,000 tons of raw material have been put into operation in Huaying. The world-leading core technologies applied on the productions lines have been certified during expert reviews conducted by the Ministry of Science and Technology. Huaying's electronic information industry ranks among Sichuan's four key strategic industries. It is one of the major bases for Chongqing's laptop industry, with a peak annual output of RMB 20 billion. The honey pear industry in Guang'an has a 40,000-mu honey pear base, the largest in Sichuan, and a provincial four-star modern agricultural park. The honey pear company Ouyang Agriculture is the only national leading enterprise in agriculture industrialization in Guang'an. Huaying aims to build a national tourism resort. It is home to the 4-A-rated Stone Forest Scenic Spot, which is expected to be promoted to the 5-A level within three years. At the same time, three 4-A-rated scenic spots will be completed.